Leon "Bloodraven" Grimaldi

King of Achyonis with royal ties to Artheros.


Leon Grimaldi is tied to the royal family of Artheros because his father married Christine Artheros, half elven daughter of Duke Martin Artheros. Leon has four half-brothers, from oldest to youngest, Alibaster, Gabrial, Michael, and Anthony.

Drakk Fireborn became friends with Leon when he was running from the guard for causing the destruction of the town of Courbet. The Fangs of the Wolf gang was trying to kill him and ended up destroying the town. The town blamed Drakk for this. Leon and Gabrial became good friends with Drakk until he had to go on his way to find his father.

Leon and Duke Martin became very close, and Martin recommended Leon to become an agent of the crown to Christian Artheros, King of Artheros. Leon became a spy and was sent to Gryphos for many years. Eventually he heard Drakk was in Gryphos during the quarruntine and decided to go help him. Leon helped Drakk, Thane, and Madrina Bloodmoon until Drakk left with his childhood sweetheart, Tril, Sister to Bael.

Bael was given an assassination job, as he was an assassin, to kill Duke Martin. He had no idea he was related to Leon. After the duke’s death Leon was given the position of duke, over Martin’s actual son. Leon offered his position to Arakos (the duke’s son) in exchange for a few knights and the oprotunity to take his own land. Arakos believed Leon would surely die against the vampires of Marelo, so he allowed it.

Leon, with the help of Sunalas and Arelian soldiers, launched the Vampire Crusades and won the land of Marelo. Leon fufilled his promise to help the Sunalians claim territory in Parrland and attempted to overthrow the Sengal Island’s stranglehold on world trade, but was kidnapped and thrown overboard at sea.

He thought his brothers Michael and Anthony were killed and went on a rampage to kill Ilmaufein, Lord of Sengal Merchants Guild and eventually saved his brothers and killed Ilmaufein but was struck down by bael at the last second, giving the title of king of Achyonis to Gabrial, who passed it down to Michael.

Some say Leon never actually died, but no one has seen him since the battle.

Leon "Bloodraven" Grimaldi

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